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Lake Powell, you must feel this place!


If someone invites you to visit Lake Powell do not hesitate. Go with all your faith! Do not miss the opportunity! Do not even think about it!

Lake Powell is a reservoir of water formed by the flooding of Glen Canyon after the dam was built between 1956 and 1963 by Glen Canyon Dam and took 11 years to accumulate its reserve of about 24,322 acre feet of crystalline water from the icy mountains across the Colorado River, being America’s second largest reservoir in water reserve.

Most of the lake is in the State of Utah, but it extends for about 108,335 square mile arriving to Arizona. Preserved and restrained by the impressive 96 sandstone canyons that make the region a stunningly beautiful place, Lake Powell receives about 3 million tourists a year according to, attracted by the many activities the place provides, everything on the supervision of the Gren Canyon National Recreation Area.

Houseboat anchored in Lake Powell canyon (collection)

There are several marinas, resorts, camping sites, boat trips, boats, jet skiing, water skiing, fishing, canoeing, paddleboarding, climbing, abseiling, hiking and everything else you have the imagination and the will to do.

Access Lake Powell, however, is not easy. Because of these same beautiful and immense canyons, reaching the lake is only possible through the areas where the marinas are, the most well-known being those of the city of Page (Antelope and Lake Powell Resorts), where you arrive with your car by the road, and by the marinas from Bullfrog and Halls Crossing, accessible both by car and ferry.

Entrance to Lake Powell by the marina of Page (collection)

But even to get to the marinas, you have to be willing. The park’s website provides references on how to get to the available entrances by car, boat and plane, but if you come from another state or from another country you will need more information, so let’s go to them:

The easiest way is by the airports at Page that has a rental car and taxi, where you can arrive by private plane or air taxi, or Halls Crossing (Cal Black Memorial Airport) where you can get a taxi.

Cal Black Memorial Airport (collection)

For commercial flights, you can reach Phoenix airport, and continue for about 5 hours driving to Page, or Grand Junction airport and also drive by 4:30 hours, or Salt Lake City airport from where you will take around 6:00 hours, the latter provide entry by the marinas of Halls Crossing or Bullfrog

Diversity also exists for accommodations, available to suit all tastes and pockets. There are those who prefer camping in the open air, who has your own boat, who rents boat to do houseboat (as in the picture below, boring right?), Who prefers to stay in Page hotels, who prefer the resorts of the marinas, but everyone who venture there have a common will, to stay as long as possible!

Sunset, houseboat, Lake Powell (

The truth is everything on Lake Powell is spectacular and monumental! There are many places in the canyons to visit, with several well-known and prominent areas for tourism, such as Raibow Brigde, the largest natural bridge in the world at 290 feet high and 70 feet across, it is considered sacred by the Navajo Indians, who say that it has power over the formation of the clouds, about the existence of the rainbows and about the rains, the essence of life in the desert.

Raibow Brigde, Lake Powell (

The different colors of the mountains contrast with the blue of the sky, the crystallinity of the water, the geological formations, the drawings that form on the sides of the immense canyons, the amount of stars in the sky, the sunset … Already missing all those colors!!

Starry sky in Lake Powell (

Your cell phone will not work in most places and you will not even care. At the end of the day you may realize that you have not taken a single photo of the places you went, so good that it’s just enjoying the jet skiing landscape or doing anything else that makes you happy!

Twilight in Lake Powell (collection)

If you are excited to make the trip to explore this precious, be sure that whatever your choices or possibilities are, it is worth living Lake Powell, repeatedly!



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