Arizona Trip – Sedona


Spending some time in the US state of Arizona, I had the opportunity to roam around places with breathtaking landscapes. To begin my reports, I chose Sedona.

Sedona is a very charming city of lush nature that I had never heard of! Located north of Phoenix, it is on the way to the Grand Canyon and you can incorporate a few days into your trip in this “little village” without any fear of regret.

Sedona cidade –

I arrived in Sedona Main Street between spectacular Oak Creek Canyon and West Sedona, where the city was founded, with free parking, numerous shops, restaurants, galleries, spas, tour companies, accommodations and services, and Sedona Heritage. Museum, the Sedona Arts Center and the Sedona Chamber of Commerce Visitor Center.

In the tourist information center you will find that there are many activities available: golf, mountain hikes, jeep tours, bus tours, helicopter tours, boat tours, vineyards, all with many options and prices for every taste and pocket. And yet everything is very close and by car you can go alone to almost all the cool places to see. Well, almost all places, because aerial view requires helicopter!


I did my tour with Guidance Air, with an extra spin to see the Devil’s Bridge. Love an air ride !!!

devil’s bridge Sedona –

The Chapel of Santa Cruz is one of these places that you can go by yourself. It is on the rise of one of the red rock mountains and has a beautiful view of the Red Rock valley. Designed by Marguerite Brunswig Staude, the chapel would be built in Hungary, but because of the war, its construction was not completed, and later its mentor decided to erect it in her home state, giving Sedona this beautiful work of art.

Chapel of the Holy Cross – Sedona – collection

From Sedona you will reach several other wonderful sights such as Grand Canyon National Park, Montezuma Castle, Walnut Canyon, Tuzigoot National Monument, Red Rock State Park, Slide Rock State Park, all in about an hour, isn’t it a great place to stay??

And if you have the time and love to drive and see the scenery, don’t miss the Red Rock Scenic Byway or the beautiful State Route (SR) 89A, which takes you through Oak Creek Canyon and be prepared to take photos.

There are excursions that go everywhere, and a good option is to go to Antelope Canyon. Famous for its natural beauty, it is the most photographed Canyon in the United States and can be visited from above or below. Located in Navajo Nation indigenous lands, a guided tour is required and booking in advance is a great idea as the venue is disputed!

Antelope Canyon –

Ok, ok, you’re not that close to Canyons adventures… Prefer a resort? Sedona is still perfect! The Resorts offer everything, therapeutic, aromatic massages, SPAs, yoga, meditation, fine dining, if there is a place in Arizona to explore resorts, this place is Sedona! And the cool thing is that you don’t have to use the hotel service, you can only hire the resort services.

Welcome to Sedona, hope you enjoy it too!


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